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Happy Advent, everyone!  As it’s Advent, I’m in a particularly festive mood, and I’d like to celebrate by giving away a free copy of my book.  But of course, it wouldn’t be fun just to give it away without any fanfare.  It’s Advent, after all- the season of angels blurting trumpets of joy and pregnant women bursting out into song and declarations of peace on earth.  So, here’s the scoop on how you can score yourself a free copy of The Boundary-Breaking God.

I’m really appreciative of all the wonderful feedback I’ve gotten on the book thus far.  One of the comments I’ve heard over and over again is, “So many people need to read this!” or “I really wish my friend/pastor/professor/family member _________ could hear this.”  Well, here’s your chance to spread the message!  Who do you think most needs to hear this message of hope and promise?  Who most needs to hear the story of God as one of expansion, inclusion and hopeful celebration?  And by who, I don’t mean broad generalizations like “college freshmen” or “disillusioned Christians.”  Be specific, as in “my friend Jim who lives in Ohio” or “my Aunt Rhoda who thinks God is a dictatorial sadist.”  (If you have an Aunt Rhoda who thinks that, actually, I’ll do you one better- give me her number and I will call her up this very afternoon.)

So- give it some thought.   Then leave the name of the person you think most needs to read this book in the comments and make your case as to why.  The person with the most creative/compelling/intriguing answer will score two autographed copies of the book- one, of course, will be sent to the person nominated (complete with a personalized note from me- because I am nothing if not intent on the highest level of customer service) and one will be sent to the nominator to keep.  I’ll post the name of the winner this Friday at noon.

Let the nominations begin!


  1. Jason SwanepoelDecember 14, 2009 at 6:21 pm

    My parents, in their 60s, are having this whole spiritual awakening and they are devouring book after book after book. I’ve had trouble connecting what’s going on in my world with their story, but after reading your book, I think I may have found the connection. When they see the way in which you explain the ever-expanding story of God, they might begin to understand why I see God similarly – and maybe they’ll begin to think that way, too. I already intended to give them a copy, but a signed gift-copy would be great.

  2. i think i need the copy. is it fair to nominate oneself?? because i miss you and because i find hope and promise harder to believe in than ever before and more difficult to force than ever before. and because seattle is pitch black after 4pm, leaving us seattle-ites with nothing to do but cuddle up and read.

    for the extra copy…i might offer it to my friend marigrace because she has always been the one speaking hope and promise into my life (although unknowingly) and i think it would be good for her to hear it for herself as well. i dont have many helpful words for her, but i know you would.


  3. I want my five and seven year old kids to read this book. I want them to know there is a profound story behind the “three kings” in the Christmas story. I want them to hear you explain what “Epiphany” is and “how it celebrates the God who unites us from east and west, north and south”! I want my kids to understand from this young age not to say, “it is what it is.” Rather that they’d know the God who says, “I am who I am.” For these and many other subtle, yet profound reasons, I want my kids to read and be exposed to your book!

  4. My pastors reading group. There are currently 3 of us, so it would mean that we would also purchase a book (so it would be a good business move for you too)!
    We have been struggling with uninspiring reads for the past few months, which have left us disinclined to even meet for dialogue/discussion, and it’s a pathetic spiral! We are missing each other, missing the growth and dialogue we could have during this Advent season, and on a quest for our next book so we have the responsibility (and excuse) to meet. I suggested this book, perhaps it’s a possibility that three young pastors could get it at a deal for 3-for-the-price-of-1?

  5. MY friend Maura, the only Christian in her family, is gripped–almost paralyzed with fear–because she believes God is going to send her “unsaved” family to hell. She is so afraid that she refuses to read certain parts of the Bible, bursts into tears whenever the subject of death or the book of revelation comes up. This deeply affects how she sees God, how she interacts with God, and keeps her from going deeper with both God and her family. Perhaps your book would present a view she has never encountered and could give her a fresh perspective on this very Big God we follow.

  6. I don’t feel comfortable saying that I am the person most in need of your book. If I put my back into it, I could shift my priorities and finances around to procure a copy for myself. But even though we’ve only had a handful of conversations in between our duties as pastors, I feel comfortable saying that I really want your book. I’m a doctoral student in religious studies and constantly in the often joyful and often woeful throes of preparation for service. I don’t mind sharing with you (and all of the internet) that my negotiation of the politics and pressures related to this have not always been worthy of a WWJD bracelet. And the frustration that I feel with myself, my choices, my circumstances, and my own limitations too often hinders me from enjoying the joyful obedience and discovery that I want, and I think God wants, to typify not only my ministry, but also my life. I live in California now– too far to go to Journey and enjoy the Sabbath in a recliner. But I hope that your book will be a little piece of home away from home.

    I don’t know if you know the song “Say Won’t You Say” by Jennifer Knapp, but I hope you’ll take a second to look at the lyrics.* When I take breaks from finishing my final papers, I think about this song. As it stands, I can honestly pray the first two verses and chorus. But I really want to be able to truthfully sing that last verse. My hope is that your book will be able to help me do that.

    Sometimes I have a really hard time relating to God in a personal way.
    This might sound ironic, but since I devote much of my time observing, critiquing and dissecting interpretations of God and scriptures, I have a lot of reasons and excuses to hold the word at a distance. But I have a hope that your book promises to help me with that.

    I don’t know the April who commented above, but I hear where she’s coming from, so I’ll nominate her for the second copy.



  7. My friend & Pastor, Joe. He was my Pastor from my youth and just this past October came back into my life (I’m 34 now). Although I have been on an amazing spiritual journey after the death of my son in ’02, I’ve never gone back to the Church. I’m very open & accepting of many spiritual beliefs & had trouble with the narrow views of Christianity & the Church I had always encountered. Joe moved back in to town this past October and became the Pastor at a local church. I spoke to him about my journey and my difficulties with the Church & Christianity. He gave me this book, the Emergent Manifesto of Hope, so I would know where he is at in his journey. Wow!!! I’ve been a roll ever since!! There is definetley a place in the Church & within Christianity for me! I’m constantly reading books and can’t seem to get enough of it! (Yes, I want your book too please! :) Joe & I talk about Emergence & Post-Modernism when we can. I think he would thoroughly enjoy this book & it will go a long way in his ministries.

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