Where Jesus Prayed goodies at Patheos

Friends, Patheos has a whole page of Where Jesus Prayed-related things, including articles, interviews and excerpts. (And soon to come, reviews!) If you haven’t had a chance to go take a look yet, you can do so here at the Patheos Book Club. Or, you can pick and choose from the list below!

You can read the first 30 pages (!) of the book here.

There were of course a number of stories I wanted to tell about my pilgrimage experience thatĀ didn’t fit into the format of the book. I talk about one of them involving my friend Renee, an icon and a girl obsessed with selfiesĀ here.

I’ve also had a number of people ask me how they can best prepare for their own upcoming pilgrimages to the Holy Land, so I talk about the difference between tourists and pilgrims here as a way of sharing what I believe to be the most important preparation: our intention.

And thanks to Deborah Arca for a fun interview about WJP, which you can watch here in under 20 minutes.

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