The Love God Has For You

Photo by Isaac Benhesed

The past few weeks I’ve been resting in this beautiful verse from 1 John 4:16-

For we have come to believe and to know the love God has for us.

It’s so simple. You’ve probably read through this passage before and skipped right over it. Today, I invite you to rest in it. To ponder the enormity of what this could mean if we actually did it.

What if we actually came to believe and to know the love God has for us, all the time?

What if we truly trusted that this love was present to us and available to us wherever we are, however we are?

Imagine what the world could be like if we rested on this firm foundation.

Imagine the peace and the resolve and the love-force we could bring to this world and to every situation.

What’s holding you back from believing and knowing this love?

What’s blocking you from living in it today?

What if you decided to be bold enough to trust this one precious truth today?

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