ethics of hope

Hello all. As an extension of the post I wrote last week about victims, I want to extend the conversation with today’s selection from The Ethics of Hope. It’s in his chapter on “Divine and Human Righteousness and Justice” and he discusses how Christ is for both victim and perpetrator….

Happy Moltmann Monday, all! Tomorrow is book release day (!!!), so today I want to share a selection from Ethics of Hope where Moltmann talks about the foundational definition of original blessing that I give in the book. In this paragraph, he is discussing the distinction between the image of…

Well last week was a fantastic one for many Moltmann fans. Our favorite German professor attended AAR/SBL, the Comic-Con of the religious academic world, where he presented lectures, spoke on panels, took lots of very adorable selfies with fans, and signed copies of the 40th anniversary edition of The Crucified…

Happy Moltmann Monday! Today’s selection comes from Ethics of Hope, where Moltmann is talking about consumption, consumerism and how it clashes with our identity in God: A society which takes the growth of its production of goods and services as the yardstick of its health is forced to increase consumption….

Cooperation not competition

Happy Moltmann Monday! Today’s selection comes from Ethics of Hope, which, if you didn’t know, is a more recent addition to Moltmann’s canon of books and a pretty readable one at that. If you’re looking for an overview of his theology related to contemporary issues, this is a good pick….

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