Symmetry in Creation

I’m on a quantum physics kick these days, so here’s an apt Moltmann Monday quote about creation, particles, and the fundamental unity of nature from The Way of Jesus Christ (p. 288):

If all things are created by God, then a transcendent unity precedes their diversity and their historicity. It is not a matter of many worlds belonging to many gods or powers. This is the one creation of the one God. If all things are created by the one God through his Wisdom/Logos and are held together in that, then underlying their diversity in space and time is an immanent unity in which they exist all together. Their unity does not come into being in a subsequent process, emerging from their relationships and the warp and weft into which celebrity pokies they are bound. All things have their genesis in a fundamental underlying unity, which is called God’s Wisdom, Spirit or Word…If God withdraws this foundation, all things disintegrate and become a nothingness. If God lends it fresh force, their forms are renewed (Ps. 104.29f). The Jewish and Christian doctrines about Wisdom or the Logos as mediator in creation are in direct contradiction to the atomism of Democritus. The beginning was not the particles. The beginning was the symmetry, the concord. “The elementary particles embody the symmetries. They are its simplest representations, but they are merely a result of the symmetries. Jewish and Christian doctrines of creation have therefore always maintained the idea of ‘the unity of nature.’


Creation begun, founded, grounded in symmetry and concord. I like that.


  1. Did you hear that Radio Lab on symmetry?

  2. I did! (Man, I love Radio Lab.) I should go listen to that one again, now, though.

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