Summer Means Inconsistency

Hi friends! As you’ve probably noticed, the blog has been quiet the last couple of weeks, due to what I lovingly call the insanity that is the end of the year. Now that summer is upon us, I will be traveling in and out every month and will also be reshuffling my work schedule around my days with my kids. Most of the time I have to write will go toward my book more than my blog, because…deadlines. :) I do hope to share news of book #2’s cover and release date soon, though, so stay tuned! And later this month, I GET TO SEE MOLTMANN IN PERSON, and my daughter is coming along for the ride, so you’ll definitely hear all about that.

I’ve come to see summer as a welcome disruption to my school year work schedule, despite the inconsistency it creates in other places. It’s a nice little refresh and reboot, with some welcome distance from social media and screens that otherwise dominate my work life.

So. I don’t know how much or when I’ll be posting this summer, and I hope you’ll understand. In fact, I hope you stumble upon some similarly delightful inconsistencies in your routines, if you happen to live by the school calendar as much as we Shroyers do. Happy summer!

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  1. You’re very professional.

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