Sacred Practice Leadership Series

This August, I’ll be speaking at the Alban Institute’s Sacred Practice Leadership Series.  It’s a fantastic program geared towards cultivating deep spiritual leadership among pastors and lay leaders.  Here’s more:

Leadership in the church is changing. In the past, leadership often meant knowing and following good business practices, reading the desires of members and developing programs. Leaders were judged by their ability to keep people happy and to make numbers grow. Today there is a growing awareness that our emphasis on efficiency and success often leaves something important out of the mix—namely God and the sacred practices which express and form our ability to respond to God’s call to us.THE SACRED PRACTICE LEADERSHIP SERIES (SPLaSh)is designed for those who lead congregations, both in ordained and lay roles. Six renewal events over the course of three calendar years – with online resources available between events – will feature twelve prominent authors, theologians and practitioners inviting us into conversation and reflection on sacred practices like prayer, discernment, and service. Participants can expect to learn to use sacred practices as a means of shaping their own congregation’s life and ministry, by intentionally allowing God to be a more active player in the life of the congregation.


I’ll be talking about the role of hope and imagination in the way we lead and orient others toward God’s future.  If you’re interested in being part of this great continuing education experience, you can find more information here.

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