Rain, Rain, Show the Way

It’s been raining for almost a week solid here in Dallas, and the rain has brought along the dreariest grey skies and the muggiest feeling. My shiny happy spirit after Chicago feels like it’s gotten covered with a soggy, sad little blanket.

But then last night at Teaching Team, we had a really energizing conversation about our upcoming gathering where we are baptizing one of our young community members. This made me remember two things: 1) laughing with people is the best remedy for absolutely anything, and I’m so happy to have such great people surrounding me and 2) water is good. It’s not only good, it’s really beautiful, and powerful, and I could probably talk about the symbolism of it all day.

It’s still raining today, but it doesn’t feel as dreary anymore. I’ve decided to see all this rain as co-celebrating what will be happening in our community come Sunday when we welcome that sweet girl into this big family of God’s love. And I find myself smiling.

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