Peace By Piece Conference

If people like Pete Rollins, Chris Haw, Karen Sloan and a bunch of neo-monastics are your kind of people, you need to go to the Peace by Piece conference in two weeks.  It’s incredibly affordable, and you can find cheap fares on Southwest if you’re anywhere nearby.  I’m really looking forward to my time there, eager to hear from small communities doing the kind of quietly noble things that get few headlines but churn out a remarkable amount of justice, peace, grace, and other such gifts.   I’m also really excited about experiencing VOID, an experimental faith collective (similar to Pete’s IKON community in Ireland) located in Waco and facilitated by my friend Adam.

I’ll be offering up some thoughts of my own in two sessions- one on managing conflict and practicing peace in community, and another on doing sustainable justice in small faith communities.  Otherwise I’ll be scribbling notes and soaking up some fresh perspectives on how to go about the daily work of guiding a group of Jesus followers- and trying to live like one.

So what are you waiting for?  Go register, come meet new people, and come hear stories of hope from the front lines.

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