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It’s been a little serious around here lately, so I thought I’d take the time to declare my undying love for Sweet Leaf teas, specifically their mint and honey green tea. I should tell you that I ADORE tea. I don’t drink coffee or sodas so aside from water, tea is the only thing I drink…which means I have tasted just about every kind of tea out there. And it’s true- bottled tea usually tastes horribly inferior to freshly brewed tea, which is what makes Sweet Leaf so unique. The owner wanted to make bottled tea just as good as his grandma’s home-brewed version, and I dare say he’s done it.

I have a particular affinity for mint in teas, because it reminds me of my Lebanese grandmother. She has always grown mint in her backyard and when she serves up tea, it usually has some fresh sprigs of mint in it. So I wasn’t at all surprised (though delighted) to learn that the Sweet Tea guys came up with the idea after a bicycling trip around the Middle East and northern Africa and being served a zillion cups of tea topped with mint sprigs. (As an aside, when I give my kids tea for dinner and put mint in it, you’d think they had won the lottery. Let’s just face it- mint leaves floating in your tea is fun.)

Sweet Leaf is a Texas-based company that strives to be eco-responsible and gives a percentage of profits to organizations like breast cancer research and Big Brothers Big Sisters. An ethical company that brews great bottled tea?! Bestill my heart.


  1. Hey Danielle!

    Thank you so much for sharing your love for Sweet Leaf Tea on your blog. We are honored that we hold such a high regard in your eyes!

    Isn’t it awesome when you take a sip or a bite of something and it instantly feels your mind with wonderful, vivid memories of times past? I’m glad that our Mint & Honey can help you do just that!

    Feel free to shoot me an email, as I’d love to share some goodies with you.

    Want the secret to perfectly brewed iced tea? Check THIS out: http://www.texasmonthly.com/multimedia/video/themanual20/14180


  2. Thanks for dropping me a note April! I just watched the link and will definitely try to brew up some perfect sweet tea over the Labor Day weekend.

  3. Robin Bacon HoffmanSeptember 10, 2009 at 9:09 am

    Danielle, Jeff grows mint for his iced tea – following in his own grandmother’s and mother’s footsteps. It’s a family staple in central Pennsylvania. The poor man married a coffee drinker though, so he has to make his own tea!

    Thinking of you,

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