#NoMoreBlood: A Good Friday Stations of the Cross resource

Last week, my church Journey partnered with Warren Avenue Christian Church to host #NoMoreBlood: A Good Friday Stations of the Cross Remembrance in honor of people of color killed by state brutality. At each of the 14 stations, we looked at the intersection of Christ’s passion with the stories of death and condemnation in our own society. So many lives have been lost unnecessarily in recent years due to police brutality. And though a few of these stories have reached the news, so many others remain untold. These are difficult subjects. Race, violence, self-defense, mental illness, protection by police and protection from police. But one thing is clear: there is too much blood shed. Too. Much. God help us, there is far too much.

I was honored to work on this project with so many outstanding people, and I hope I speak for all of us when I say it was a powerful (though emotionally draining) experience. And though the digital experience will not recreate the stations we hosted on the Continental Bridge on Good Friday in the midst of our bustling city, we wanted to share this with as many as possible. I’m saddest about the fact that we cannot offer you communion at the end of it. Communion feels really important and necessary after traveling through these interwoven stories. Be sure to give yourself some time at the end of them, to find a place for your grief and reactions. Send them toward Easter, but send yourself toward Easter, too. Let’s speak out about this stuff, even though it’s hard and complicated.

Here is a link to a combined PDF document of all the postcards as well as the posters. If you have a QR reader, you can also scan it and view it on your mobile device:



  1. Danielle – I am very interested in this but the link to the pdf is not working

  2. Hi Christine- I just refreshed the link, and it looks to be working on my end. The QR reader works as well. Let me know if you are still having problems and I will send it to you!

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