No Impact Project

We’ve been back to school for two weeks, and I’m tired! It’s always difficult ramping back into the routine, even when a return to routine is desirable. As I usually do this time of year, I start to wonder about how I can simplify, streamline, de-clutter my life/our lives. It gets so busy so quickly, and sometimes you run, run, run for a month and then wonder, “Why am I doing all of this again?”

This is probably why I found it great timing for No Impact Man Colin Beavan’s book to come out. He helps me remember that simplifying where you can is always a good thing. If you didn’t know, Colin and his wife and daughter live in NYC and they decided to go totally green for an entire year- hence “no impact.” They didn’t use cars, electricity, didn’t buy anything new except locally grown food. I know- it sounds both insane and horrible- especially in New York City. Not only did he prove it was doable, but that it was actually enjoyable. (He does admit, however, that he does not want to go without a washing machine again, so I also appreciate his honesty. With the massive loads around my house, no way I’m giving that up!)

I admire them because they had about every excuse available to them- they are busy, they live in New York, they have a child, they are not gazillionaires, etc. Still, they made it work.

As I feel the tug of busyness this fall, I could use a reminder that I can still choose to reduce my impact, to simplify my life, and to spend my best energies on the most important things and not the unnecessary ones.

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