Moltmann Monday: Jesus the Unlikely Chosen One

Hello friends! This morning’s quote from my very favorite German comes from Ethics of Hope. I think it’s good to be reminded often that Jesus as the Son of God is a surprising revelation of who God is and how God loves.

In the raising and exaltation of Christ, God has chosen the one whom the moral and political powers of this world rejected – the poor, humiliated, suffering and forsaken Christ. God identified himself with him and made him Lord of the new world ….. The God who creates justice for those who suffer violence, the God who exalts the humiliated and executed Christ – that is the God of hope for the new world of righteousness and justice and peace. 

We are always happy to discuss Christ as the Christus Victor, as the celebrated “winner.” And though that’s true, we can’t forget that it’s also surprising. This rejected one, this humiliated one, this crucified one- this is God’s power revealed? Yes. Yes it is- revealed in such a way that all those powers and systems that lead to rejection, humiliation, crucifixion are not only called into question but revealed as a temporary speed bump to eventual resurrection. God has exalted the crucified Christ, and no other.

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