Meet the Webbs and the One Year Road Trip!

Last week at Faith Forward, I had such a great time getting to know the Webb family. We talked ice cream and dessert, favorite books, swapped handshakes, and even practiced our handstands in the hallway. Matt, Eva, Jack, Solveig and Evie came to share with us about their One Year Road Trip, where they’re traversing all 50 states and interviewing kids who are changing the world for the better. When they finish their journey, they’ll be making a documentary to share their stories, and they have also partnered with child psychologists to study what factors shape kids to be world changers, and how adults can create environments to encourage them.

When the kids learned I lived in Dallas, they said, “Hey! We traveled there! That’s where we met Katherine and Isabelle!” They told me all about these two girls who, at 8 and 5, started making origami ornaments to raise money for a water well in Ethiopia. Four years later, they’ve raised nearly half a million dollars. Wow!!! You can learn more about them at Paper for Water. And the Webbs have a whole list of amazing kid change-makers on their website.

You can also watch a great video about One Year Road Trip here, and you can follow them on Twitter at @oneyearroadtrip.

From the inspirational stories the kids shared with me, and the insights Matt and Eva have already gleaned, I can’t wait to follow the rest of their journey and learn from them along the way.

And hey, Solveig and Evie, let’s keep practicing our handstands! ;)

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  1. Handstand pics, please?

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