Liminal Christianity Event

Liminal Christianity

“Liminal space is the ultimate teachable space.” – Father Richard Rohr

Dallas and Fort Worth people, if you haven’t already heard, mark your calendars for a great local event!  Liminal Christianity: The Sacred Place in Between will be on August 13th from 9-4:30, hosted at Broadway Baptist Church in Fort Worth.  And it is SO affordable: only $35!  From the brochure:

“This conference sponsored by Life in the Trinity Ministry will delve into the next steps of the Emerging Christianity movement. We will focus on: What is the Spirit teaching us even though we don’t fully understand where we are going? What are the obstacles we are facing in the Emerging Church movement? Are there practical steps we can take to connect more deeply with people both in the pews and  with those who have left? What ideas can we offer to each other on the journey? Join us in this liminal space, and we will trust the Spirit to inspire and help us.”

I’ll be there as a conference discussion leader, along with a great panel of other local pastors who will share what we’ve learned, what we’re learning, and our hopes for what’s next.  You can register at Life in the Trinity Ministry.  This is an event you won’t want to miss.  I hope to see you there!

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