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Earlier this year I was able to connect with the great people over at Englewood Review of Books when they did a review of The Boundary-Breaking God.  In concert with Englewood Christian Church, every spring they put on a conference to engage in an issue practically relevant to Christian life, and this year’s theme is Life Together:  Being the People of God in the 21st Century.  Here’s the idea, from the event website:

“For many years now, the individualism of American culture has exerted great influence on the way we approach life, even in matters of faith. However, at the dawn of the twenty-first century, there are some churches that are regaining a sense of our calling to be communities of God’s people, who share life together in meaningful and redemptive ways. However, the forms that these churches take are often quite different. We have invited representatives from a wide variety of such churches to share stories from their life together and to lead us in a conversation about what it means to be communities of God’s people in the twenty-first century.”

The conference will be Friday June 11-Saturday June 12 in Indianapolis and registration is limited to 350 so book now.  Cost is $50 if you register before May 15, after which it is $65.  I’ll be joined by John Nugent, Professor of Old Testament at Great Lakes Christian College; Sally Schreiner Youngsquist, Pastor of Reba Place Fellowship Community; and Matt Tebbe, Pastor of Life on the Vine Community.  In addition, there will be workshop speakers including Will Samson and others.

It’s going to be a great conversation, and I’d love to see you there!

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  1. It seems like there are many people over your side of the water who want to engage with being Church in the 21st Century.

    Do you know of any networks in the UK with a similar outlook

    Pop Thy Collar

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