Let's All Get Left Behind

As you may know, that Left Behind movie came out this week. I thought this would be a perfect time to remind everyone that the Bible ENCOURAGES us to get left behind. We are supposed to stay here. HERE, on earth. Where the kingdom of God is coming.

I wrote a post for The Hardest Question on the Matthew 24 passage where I discuss this very thing. You can read that post here.

Happy Friday!


  1. “I want to be wherever nick cage is” :a philosophy that has never failed me. But seriously nice article.

  2. LOL Carter. On this we will ALWAYS disagree. ;)

  3. In the first century, to be the ones left behind was a good thing! To be snatched away meant you were taken prisoner (or worse) by Empire. I wish I could find N.T. Wright’s single-sentence refutation of the whole left-behind nonsense. As I remember, he said that it was unfortunate that a few verses of Scripture had been interpreted completely backwards. What I did find was a really good unpacking of the two mentions of the apantesis in Scripture … the going out to meet and escort back … not going out to meet and be whisked off like Peter Pan to never-never land. Here you go. Enjoy.


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