I’ve Got Videos Up on The Work of the People

A few months ago, my friend Travis Reed came into town, and we met for coffee. It was a good conversation, as conversations with Travis always are. I enjoyed hearing about all that’s happening in his life. I loved getting a glimpse into the great things he’s witnessing and putting out there for others to witness through The Work of the People. We talked about doing something together like that, and then figured, hey, we are in the middle of a good conversation on a lovely day, maybe we just do it right now?!…which is how I ended up doing this set of videos on a day when I had on zero makeup and a tshirt. We found a park around the corner, I sat on a bench, and Travis fired away some questions.

Obviously, Moltmann came up. He asked me to talk about my understanding of the cross, and I told him the story of how I happened upon The Crucified God and how it was the first honest thing anyone had ever said, in my eyes, about Jesus dying on the cross. We talked about hope, and specifically Christian hope.

We talked about communion, the purpose of the Church, and why God became human.

There were some neighborhood kids playing on the playground nearby.

It was a pretty great way to spend an afternoon, talking with Travis about the deep stuff of life. He’s such an open-hearted soul. I’d love for you to go check out the videos, but more importantly I’d love for you to go support Travis by making good use of the many many conversations he’s put out there (with people much more famous and wise than me!).

Here’s the video from our conversation about why God became human…


  1. I don’t know why (and yet I do) this caused me to puddle up a little. To have someone who is crazy brilliant, and who I admire for that, say something so simple and profound fills me with Awe and Wonder.

  2. That’s really kind, Jim. Thank you.

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