I’ll Just Be In My Writing Cave

Hi friends,

Happy New Year! I hope the last few weeks have afforded you time with loved ones, and some downtime besides.

As we return to our regularly scheduled routines, I will be heading into my writing cave for the next couple of months. My manuscript deadline is drawing near, so I’ll be giving the book all of my writing energy, and my blogging life will be on hold until the spring.

However, I’ll be sending out a good number of throwback blog posts, including weekly Moltmann Mondays from the blog archives. If you follow me on Twitter, or if you are a fan of my Facebook author page, you will be able to find the links there. You can also make life super easy on yourself by simply adding my blog to your RSS feed, with that handy orange button in the top right corner of this page. (You’ll of course see the other buttons are there, too. Click away!) Then you’ll get my posts delivered to your inbox automatically.

See you in March!

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