Houston with Pete Rollins

I’m excited to be doing an event in Houston on May 9-10 with the good people at Zeteo Church (which is pastored by former Journeyer Jenni Martin Fairbanks-woot!). Pete Rollins will be leading the way, dialoguing about faith, belief, doubt, and all the spaces in between.

From the event page: “By employing the figures of the Trickster, the Cynic and the Fool, the event will explore three different ways that we can engage with our political, cultural and religious beliefs. By focusing on one these figures as a subversive model for how to embrace complexity, conflict, self-examination we’ll delve into a different model for collective experience that has far reaching implications for community formation.”

I always have fun hanging out with Pete, and I’d love to see you guys there for what will surely be an interesting and stretching conversation!

You can register and find out more information about the event here.

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