Helicopter Parenting: A Forever Job?

Here’s something crazy for your Friday afternoon. My hubbie told me about this article and I seriously thought he was kidding at first. But apparently, it’s true. From NPR:

Michigan State University surveyed more than 700 employers seeking to hire recent college graduates. Nearly one-third said parents had submitted resumes on their child’s behalf, some without even informing the child. One-quarter reported hearing from parents urging the employer to hire their son or daughter for a position. Four percent of respondents reported that a parent actually showed up for the candidate’s job interview.


In case that didn’t sink in: FOUR PERCENT of parents WENT TO THE INTERVIEW–the ADULT JOB INTERVIEW–with their child. As in, they got dressed and accompanied their 20+ year old to an office building and proceeded to sit across the desk from a potential employer and next to their grown adult child.

The study did not say whether the parents in this scenario answered the interview questions, but I can just imagine they may have added an extra tidbit or two at the end of each sentence.

I’m beyond baffled.

Have a good weekend!

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