Final BBG Sneak Peek

Here’s the last installment of exclusive sneak peeks for The Boundary Breaking God. This one comes from the final chapter, “A Whole New World,” where I talk about God’s biggest promise of all- new creation.

“God’s story talks frequently about the direction where all of this is heading. From the very beginning, the story of God has always been one with a future horizon. It may loop back rhythmically and thematically on itself, but its furthest edge is always moving out, pressing forward. What awaits us in these final horizon stories is not precise detail but expansive and powerful images. We don’t have to turn those stories into time charts and graphs to take them seriously; in fact, I’d argue we are taking them much more to heart when we allow them to speak to us within the colorful brush strokes of imagination rather than dead-lead pencils of fatalistic destiny. And imagining God’s future doesn’t mean we are living in a dream world, either; it means, as my friend Doug says, that we are following after the (very real) dreams and hopes God has for the world.”

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