Faith Forward 2016!

I’m so honored to have been part of Faith Forward for the past 4 years. Faith Forward is a conference that brings together children’s and youth ministry leaders for a time of collaboration, resourcing and inspiration. We’re all in this together, reimagining faith formation for the next generation, holding onto what matters most and creatively engaging new ways to live faithfully together. Faith Forward is committed to creating a space where we can all move toward innovative theology and practice. We’ve been a global group from the start, bringing in people from Canada, New Zealand, Great Britain and beyond, in addition to people across the U.S. in a variety of ministry roles. And we’re committed to bringing you a diverse set of voices, all sharing a commitment to forward-thinking faith.

This year’s conference, which will take place in Chicago April 18-21, will be no different. We’ve got great things planned, and some fantastic people coming. I hope you’ll join us!


And hey, register at the very best price from now until November 15th for our Super Early Bird rate!

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