Emergence Christianity: An event at Mo Ranch


I’m thrilled to be part of this event at Mo Ranch Conference Center this coming October, along with Phyllis Tickle, Doug Pagitt, Bruce Reyes-Chow, Troy Bronsink and Neal Locke.  Here’s the flyer and here is a link for registration. As you probably know, it’s always a good idea to spend time with Phyllis Tickle. And this conference will be not just talk (though I expect great conversations) but also action and practical application from pastors who are working in emerging church contexts. So mark your calendars and join us!


Emergence Christianity

A Weekend with Phyllis Tickle

On October 19 – 21, 2012, join nationally known author and speaker Phyllis Tickle and other emergent church leaders as we explore Emergence Christianity.

How has the explosion of new sciences influenced how we think about faith? What does it mean to Christianity that there are now more Christians in the non-Western world than in the Western world? How can twenty million people now have almost their entire Christian experience online? How are social media outlets like Facebook, Twitter and others changing the Christian landscape? What is Emergence Christianity? What do terms like “new monastic,” “the hyphenateds,” and “neo-Calvinism” mean? How are traditional mainline denominational churches and structures reacting/engaging Emergence Christianity?

Tickle’s next book, Emergence Christianity: Where it Came From, What it is, and Why it is Important will be released on September 1, 2012.

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