Drawn In

My dear friend Troy Bronsink has written a lovely book about creativity that strikes a harmony between deep theological reflection and practice, process and application. He describes the arc of God’s creativity as a way of drawing us into our own creative process and encourages us to build a life that does not have creativity tacked on as some strange or outside task but as one that’s integrated into who we are and what we are most passionate about in this world. I love reading books on the creative process, but many of them err on the side of narrow definition, for one thing, and even narrower application for another.

What I love about Troy’s book is that it encompasses such a broad space (and you know how I love that- I mean, Moltmann’s autobiography shares this title!). There’s all this wonderful room in the process, but it’s not chaos- it still goes somewhere, it still has a rhythm. But it’s a rhythm and not a chart. I also love how he gives these little ideas at the end of each chapter on how we can integrate this idea and put it into practice. In so many books these end-of-chapter additions strike me as an afterthought or something sort of haphazardly thrown together, but it’s evident that Troy really spent time here. And not only time- it’s evident he has a big hefty amount of actual experience here. He does this in his own life. And it shows. And we are all the richer for him sharing it with us.

I hope Troy’s book finds a wide audience of readers because I think so many people would benefit from what he’s shared with us. And, Paraclete Press is offering a special on the book March 6-8th ONLY where you can get it for $7. (It would be a great book for small groups.)

Connect with Troy! You can join the FB page for the book here.

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