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This October, one of Emergent Village’s longest running traditions will once again take place:  The Gathering in Glorieta, New Mexico.  Fifteen-ish years ago, when the church world was all aglow with big tent conferences with glitzy leading names and packed out conference centers (which I enjoy, by the way), a few people thought it would be a good idea to create a different kind of gathering space, where everyone could talk about what they were learning, and people could pitch in literally everywhere from a conversation to the kitchen to a prayer station. It became the favorite event of the year for a whole lot of people, who at Glorieta found life-long friends.

EV took a break from the Gathering for a few years, but this year we are bringing it back! And you should come and be part of it. All the things that make it what it has been will still be true- lots of time to share and dream and cook and create together- and there will be new faces to join us. In fact, this year will be the very first time EVER that I’ve been to the Gathering! So if you’re new to the conversation or have been here a while, you’re welcome to come, and we hope you’ll consider it.

The Gathering has always been designed to be affordable and easy. There’s no cost for the event itself, so you only pay travel, lodging and food.  You can register and find out more info here.

I’ll see you there!

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