Children, Youth and A New Kind of Christianity


If you haven’t heard, there’s a great event coming up this spring. I’ll be there, and I’m excited to be able to learn and share ideas as a pastor and mom who cares deeply about the way we are raising our children in faith. Here’s some info, from their website:


This isn’t your average children’s and youth ministry conference!

Something is happening in the church. A new kind of Christianity is taking root and growing across the globe. New forms of ministry, worship, and community are emerging. Questions are being asked. And change is happening.

But amidst these changes and shifts, children and youth are being left behind. Innovative approaches to ministry with adults are emerging around the world, but little critical reflection and attention has been given to how to nurture young people within a new kind of Christianity.

In May of 2012, leaders, ministers, volunteers, parents, and students will gather in Washington, DC, USA to spark conversations about youth and children within a new kind of Christianity. They will talk about innovative practices, critical issues, and controversial topics like violence, racism, interfaith dialogue, and sexuality. They will embark on a journey together to engage in life-giving ministry with young people. And they will blaze a new trail for the 21st-century church.


You can find out all the important information- how to register, who’s speaking, etc.- at their website. ALSO, registration is going up from $169 to $189 on November 1st, so hurry if you want to get the best deal!  I hope to see you there!

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  1. i’m thinking about going to this… i’m intrigued :)

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