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I had so much fun as the guest host on LectioCast over the last month! LectioCast is a weekly podcast discussion on the lectionary texts, hosted by New Testament scholar Daniel Kirk¬†(and featuring guest hosts like me!)¬†They’re less than 30 minutes, so it’s a perfect way to ponder insights and textual particulars as you move about your day. Obviously it’s great for pastors preparing for Sunday, but it’s a good resource for anyone looking for some insight into Scripture. Thanks again to Daniel for inviting me on!

You can find my four guest-hosting weeks at the links below:

Year B Proper 15: Wisdom- Solomon Got It, We Need It

Year B Proper 16: Beware the Boundary-Breaking God

Year B Proper 17: Dude’s Got Sex Appeal!

Year B Proper 18: Entrusting Ourselves to Abundance and Generosity

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