A Prayer for our Enemies…and for us

In honor of last week’s synchroblog on loving our enemies, here’s a prayer Moltmann wrote for a sermon on this difficult teaching of Jesus:

“Heavenly Father, we call upon you in Jesus’ name.  We come with empty hands.  We have not been able to love our enemies.  As a rule we have never even seen them.  We have avoided them.  When we saw them, we felt only fear and anger, not love.

So we come to you, not as the children of your love, but as the enemy of our enemies, beseeching you for ourselves and all the others;

Bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you.  Forgive us for what we have failed to do for our enemies.

You lead us out of the constriction of fear and out of the prison of hate, into the wide space of freedom.  Let us see your sun, which rises upon the evil and the good, and rejoice in its warmth, together with our enemies.  Amen.”

-from a sermon entitled “Revolutionary Love of our Enemies” in The Power of the Powerless, p.55.

-and thanks to Tia Lynn Lecorchick for organizing, and for the picture up top

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