A New Horizon


I wanted to let you know that some new things are happening in my life these days. After a long period of discernment and spiritual direction, I decided that it was time for me to step down from my role as Pastor at Journey and to step into a new role in the life of the community. That role will be very limited in scope, but I’ve offered to preach/teach/lead the discussions occasionally, to continue to offer pastoral care, and to serve as something like a Journey ambassador, speaking and writing and sharing about what we do at Journey and how we think about things. I’ll also continue to do things any Journey community member would do- read Scripture, lead communion, teach kids. Journey is my church. It’s my family’s church. I could never put into words how much I love this church and this group of people; so whatever I do, I’ll seek to serve the community and support it in any way I can.

As for what’s next, I am still in the process of figuring that out. I know, for now, that this is the first necessary step. And I know without a doubt that I’m longing to have the time and space to think deeply about those things I care passionately about.  So I CAN tell you this: I certainly plan to spend a lot of the next year reading and writing- and I couldn’t be more excited about that. I have some book ideas that have been very patiently waiting for some attention. I’m eager to give it. I’ll also continue to speak and travel and write and preach as I have been doing, and I’m excited about all of those opportunities as well.

The Journey community has been incredibly supportive and encouraging to me throughout this process. I couldn’t ask for a more gracious and spiritually mature group of people. If you’re the praying kind, we’d be honored if you would keep Journey in your prayers as we move into a time of transition.

May the road rise to meet us as we venture forth!

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  1. Praying for you, Dan and the kids in this transition! I know you and know that you do not act unless it’s very well prayed about. Excited to hear more about how this transition and God will bless you, your family, Journey and your community. Can’t wait to read the next Shroyer masterpiece too one day! Love you cousin!

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