December 2011

I’m so excited that the new there every other week. My first post went up today, so go give it a read! ¬†And go add it to your RSS feed. There are already a ton of really great posts up.

Happy third week of Advent! This morning’s Moltmann Monday quote comes from Sun of Righteousness, Arise!. This is a great book for people new to Moltmann, and it’s written in a more conversational style than some of his other more theological works. The quote below comes at the beginning of…

In case you missed it, the you know, space is limited for this event each year, so don’t delay in getting registered! Find out all the information and a link to registration here.

We’re immersed in Advent as we enter the mid-point of the season and the light of our hope slowly grows brighter. Some words from Moltmann this morning from Theology of Hope p.164-165: God is not somewhere in the Beyond, but he is coming and as the coming One he is…

The new December issues of Christianity Today is out, and this month’s question in the “Under Discussion” column is “Should churches copyright their name?” I give my two cents in a few brief sentences. Go grab one and see what you think!

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