Happy Moltmann Monday! Today’s reading comes from The Source of Life, which is one of Moltmann’s lighter reads intended for everyone. The excerpt is from the very beginning, where he is simply (and beautifully) describing the Holy Spirit: The gift and the presence of the Holy Spirit is the greatest…


Happy Moltmann Monday! Today’s selection comes from Ethics of Hope, where Moltmann is talking about consumption, consumerism and how it clashes with our identity in God: A society which takes the growth of its production of goods and services as the yardstick of its health is forced to increase consumption….


Hello from Princeton where I joyously spent my Moltmann Monday morning with Professor Moltmann himself! (And unabashedly approached him at the banquet last night, where my daughter- who came along to meet this theologian her mom always talks about- snapped this picture). He came to kick off the opening lecture…

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